Friday, May 4, 2012

Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to Try

Working as the administrator here at the Angelic Marketing Group affords me the privilege of meeting new people everyday. I decided to pick this picture and quote to get the motivational juices flowing. I decided to ask the two ladies that were here for an interview today what this quote meant to them. Their responses really had surprised me because I didn't view this quote the same way. They had interpreted it in regards to one's mindset and how it attributes to our goals and how we motivate ourselves.

With that being said, that describes our team here to a "T". We here at the Angelic Marketing Group work hard everyday to reach our goals just by trying to be the best that we can. We strive to motivate not only ourselves but the people around us. That is one of the core concepts that has truly evolved our business and has driven us forward. I have looked around in our "atmosphere" room and saw the goals and dreams of my coworkers being plastered all over and it made me want to work even harder and try even harder.

Over the past month or so that I have been here, I have been trying my hardest to reach my personal and career goals. Once I had achieved my first goal, I had this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, excitement, and pride. Those feels are what this company is all about. Working so closely with Nick and Jess has been the most rewarding example of setting a positive mindset and working hard to achieve goals that have boosted not only their mindsets but their team's as well. Over the course of their journey, I am sure they have hit some rough patches but they have tried to do the best that they can do and have succeeded. In the end, they are both amazing people that are equally motivated, responsible, genuine business owners with a common goal: to try their hardest to achieve accomplishments and goals.